Send a private message to your CC and BCC recipient 💬

Murmure ? What for ?

You are sending an email to one of your lead and your colleague is CC'd or BCC'ed ?

Send him a private message make sure he does the right thing.

You are sending an email to an employee and your HR person is CC'ed or BCC'ed ?

Add an important precision to your HR guy.

You are sending an email to your colleague and your associate is CC'ed or BCC'ed ?

Give him an additional instruction.


Add your CC or BCC recipient. Write your Murmure. It's done.


Your Murmure will be sent to your BCC recipient only.


Add important instructions or details to your BCC recipient.

We've been asked those questions

Murmure ? What's that ?

Murmure is a Chrome Extension for Gmail that allows you to send an extra message to your Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) recipient(s).

Does it work only for Gmail ?

Yes. Currently, only supports Gmail.

Is it really safe ?

Yes. is 100% safe. Your Murmures are sent only to your BCC recipients. Try it and see for yourself !

It's totally Free 💸

Unless you really get addicted to this new Murmure routine 😏

For beginners 👶

  • 5 free Murmures / day

For pro Murmurers 🧔

$ 2.99 Monthly
  • Unlimited Murmures

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